Back in the Swing

8/29/2012 02:16:08


We are definitely back in the swing of things this week after our long and much needed break! Last week flew by and this week is nearly over! The students have, slowly, hit the ground running!
The “Core” of this week:
Reading: Reviewing C.A.F.E strategies
Math: Decimals and Place Value
Social Studies: Economics (Division of Labor)
Science: The Digestive System
Updates and Reminders:
School Business
September 5, 2012- The First Parent Academy
September 7, 2012- Screen on the Green “The Lorax”
September 28- Early Release
If you would like to chaperone the Washington D.C trip, please register to be a volunteer with Wake County Public Schools and give your information to Mrs. Howey’s Google Doc.
All information about the Washington D.C can be found on the 5th Grade Washington D.C weebly or my weebly.
Class Business
·      Word Work/Spelling- In a quest to differentiate I am using a program called “Word Their Way” to divide students into ability groups to better meet their needs as spellers. All word work activities are listed on the weebly and are due every Friday!
·      Fluency Practice- Each week I will send home a passage for the students to read. They need to read it 3 times (3 different days). Please sign the passage upon completion.
·      Agendas- Please use the agenda as a means of communication! I sign the agenda each day to be sure students have recorded homework and may include a note about behavior.

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